Fair trade explained.

Briefly, we explain fair trade.   Fair Trade  is a term that we hear more and more but the definition is not always very clear. So today, we decided togive you a deeper insight of what it is. Fair Trade aims to make conventional trade, yes,  fairer. Fair Trade wants to bring a more ethical, social and environmental dimension to…


The Macrorrueda of Procolombia; A summit business meeting for Colombia

The 70th edition of the Macrorrueda of ProColombia reached peaks with the meeting of 60 countries in Bogota to participate in this annual event. What is the Macrorrueda of Procolombia? Procolombia connects and accompanies Colombian exporters and global buyers with one goal in mind: facilitating international trade. Transparency and traceability are the key words of this global event….


Seafood Expo Global

Hello everybody, A market, no matter which one, must have the capacity to be able to bring together its greatest  representatives,, not only salesman and merchants but also, all actors of the sector, including casual visitors. Today I have the pleasure to share my experience at Seafood Expo Global, event that took place from april 25 to 27…