Sustainable development


Sustainable development

In short, we explain sustainable development!




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At the heart of the concerns and stakes of POP fresh, sustainable development is becoming more democratic. But what is sustainable development? And what are it’s goals?


The right to development must be realized in a way that equitably meets the developmental and environmental needs of present and future generations – Rio Earth Summit International Conference, Principle 3, 1992


This criterion advanced at the Rio Earth Summit highlights the sustainable nature of development. It is a question of acting on 3 pillars: economic, social and environmental but above all to emphasize the sustainability of the process by taking into account the issues of the present and future generations.


Our small planet is not able to withstand for long the consequences of a delusional overpopulation and the uncontrolled industrial activity of our consumer society, which depletes the rare non renewable resources of this Earth, and which pollutes, disfigures and finally destroys a large part of an ecosystem of which we are part   – René Dumont, 1995


Our growth model distinguishes 3 main types of negative impacts attributable to sustainable development:

The pollution

Overexploitation of certain resources

New health risks


To respond to these negative externalities, the European Union has adopted a strategy for sustainable development based on four pillars:



  • Environmental, that is the protection of biodiversity and the promotion of renewable energies.





  • Economic,  fighting poverty and reducing inequalities between regions.




  • Social, by promoting parity and respect for fundamental rights.




  • International, helping the public to develop and forging partnerships with developing countries.




Sustainable development, to enable its establishment, has several final objectives:


– Maintain the good health and well-being of the population

– Guarantee quality education

– Limit poverty and help fight famine

– Enable equality and gender equity

– Bring clean water to the entire population

– Prefer renewable energy at an affordable cost

– Provide decent work without compromising economic growth

– Promote industrial innovation in terms of research and development

– Reduce inequalities

– Think about sustainable solutions in the building

– Consume and produce responsibly

– Take into account global warming and water pollution

– Guarantee peace and justice in effective institutions

– Find partners to promise the achievement of these goals




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