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Seafood Expo Global


Hello everybody,


A market, no matter which one, must have the capacity to be able to bring together its greatest  representatives,, not only salesman and merchants but also, all actors of the sector, including casual visitors.

Today I have the pleasure to share my experience at Seafood Expo Global, event that took place from april 25 to 27 of 2017 in Brussels. More than 28 thousands professionals in the sector of fish, Seafood and other derived produits : buyers, distributors, producers, transformers, supply chain, communication media, at last, all the professions that compose this sector.

Seafood Expo Global is the world’s largest seafood fair with over 1850 exhibitors from 79 countries. With more than 38 thousand m², dedicated to fish of all varieties and others animals such shrimps, crabs, mussels, oysters and other fresh sea products, which are frozen, alive, processed or packaged, this fair is the sommet. And to enhance it, here we can find the latest trends and innovations in packaging, industrial machines and logistics, studies results and contests, all in relation to the blue univers of the planet, to which I remind you, represents more than 70% of the surface and where most of the living species live on the globe.


An example of these innovations, a super knife capable of filleting all kinds of fish, removing the thorns on one side and without destroying the skin, making the most of the meat of the fish, simply formidable.

The objective of this fair is to meet face-to-face with the differents actors of the Seafood network, to reinforce commercial relationships between them and obviously, to sign contracts in accord to the needs of each one.

I had the pleasure to be aside of the International Chamber of Commerce of Boulogne Sur Mer, who organized the visit and who has allowed us to live this formidable experience within this hall.

Seafood Expo Global has allowed me to find distributors and producers from different places of the world and to whom I have share the principle of  POP fresh, the fresh marketplace.

All the professionals interviewed have shared their interests and have appreciated the potential to develop through our project. These exchanges were fruitful, they made me know their supply needs in Latin America and I have also been able to share my experience as new business developer and the challenges overcome.

From these exchanges, POP fresh can now counts with 2 new supports and potentials customers: two large distributors from Boulogne Sur Mer (France), which want to place orders of shrimps from Ecuador through our online market.

Unlike others means of supply, in POP fresh, shrimps cookers can be supplied in all sizes, which is a great advantage for them,  and the icing on the cake, they can buy directly from producers, proposing and promoting thus, products derived from Fair Trade and offering  transparent traceability.

What more to say about people from Boulogne Sur Mer, they are outstanding, open and welcoming. I am at your disposal to accompany you in your transactions through our marketplace.

Lastly, the opportunities for alliances thanks to POP fresh are at hand, every day I’m sharing the principle of our project, offering to smalls and mediums producers and distributors a space equipped all the tools to take advantage of the opportunities to negotiate directly between them, focusing only on producing and distributing higher quality products for us consumers.


In an upcoming POP fresh article, I will share my adventure in the first South America crop tour, where I went to find producers in Colombia and Ecuador, responding to their invitation. I have been able, thanks to this trip, to visit their farms of banana, plantain, pineapple, cacao, pitahaya, avocat, soursop, mangoes, guava, shrimp, among others. This is a sign of the breadth of trust that we are building with our allies every day.  

I am grateful that you have read this article and do not hesitate to visit us and pass on your interests,. POP fresh is there to connect you with your ideal ally for each one of your needs in fruits, vegetables and seafood.

Jose C.

The fresh Director.

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