Say POP fresh! What is bio ?


Say POP fresh! What is bio ?


The bio. The democracy of the bio and its development. Everybody talks about it. POP fresh has raised the question of the differentiation between organic products and those that are not.


In our minds consumers, the bio to taste above all. Yes, in our little brains of mortals, organic tastes.

From chocolate to carrots to seafood, the organic feels and stands out. And yet, it is a myth (sorry to disappoint you). Organic does not have any more taste. Indeed, our everyday products have dozens of additives. Sugar, salt, preservatives, dyes is the festival of harmful additives. So, yes, difficult to get to the ankle of organic products, we must compensate.

And again, the problem does not come essentially from the flavors, but rather from why foods taste so much. In order to be judged “good”, our food has to undergo some transformations to be appreciated.


“In December 2010, the analysis of non-organic foods in the typical one-day meals of a 10-year-old child revealed the presence of a number of substances. In total, “128 chemical residues representing 81 different chemical substances including 47 different carcinogenic substances and 37 suspected endocrine disruptors were identified in a single day,” says the study, while highlighting that the palm was attributed to pesticides with 36 molecules different ingested in one day including 17 carcinogens and endocrine disruptors. “According to actu-environment.



That’s scary. At this rate, we wonder what our vital organs will look like …

So that’s why the producers went organic. “There are 223 times less pesticide residues on average in organic food analyzed than in conventional foods,” says the study.

So the taste of organic, good, certainly. But its qualities for our organisms and its preservation are really to be taken into account. It is not necessary to consume only organic of course, but prefer products from organic farming whose selling prices are not so different from our usual products, that’s responsible.

So opt for bio within reasonable limits and as long as prices remain affordable.




Et n’oubliez pas de rester fresh avec POP fresh !


By Coline De Backer


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