12 Tips to be more ecological every day!


12 Tips to be more ecological every day!

12 Tips on how to be more ecological every day!


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There is a constant increase in pollution in most countries of the world, a shortage of certain resources due to their overexploitation and the emergence of health risks. Sustainable development is becoming a necessity today to save our planet. The decline in biodiversity is often linked to industries that pollute and exploit in droves.

We often hear “I can not change things, it’s up to these industries or the leaders of our countries to change everything.”

And that’s what you’re told today: Your actions also have an impact (Much more than you think) because you’re also an actor of change for our planet.


Today, POP fresh shares its tips for becoming green and becoming a player in sustainable development!


1- Take showers for 5 minutes and avoid baths as much as possible.

Did you know? A bath represents between 150 and 200 liters of water and a shower between 60 and 80 liters! A saving of 90 liters of water is not negligible for the planet as for your wallet!

2-  Do not forget to turn off the lights when you leave a room, disconnect your appliances when you do not use them, and turn off the TV if you do not look at it.

Electricity savings are often underestimated and yet they are just as bad for the planet (and your wallet) as water consumption.

3- Prefer public transport, carpooling or cycling to get to work or move.

4- This may seem obvious but: Do not throw anything on the floor.

Did you know? A cigarette butt takes 2 years to degrade in nature, a simple chewing gum takes 5 years, a plastic bag takes 450 years and a bottle of glass like beer bottles take 4000 years to degrade!

5- Sort your waste so that they can be recycled and why not have a new life!

It does not take much time and it has a very big impact on our planet. A battery takes 7869 years to degrade, so do not forget to put them in the sorting bins of your stores and large areas created for this purpose!

6- Avoid packaging that is difficult to degrade and prefer bulk purchases (purchase at weighing without packaging).

Bring back your bag or tote bag instead of the plastic bags. As a reminder, a plastic bag takes 450 years to degrade.

7- Opt for a minimalist lifestyle!

Only have the essentials, simplify your life, opt for quality and not quantity and save for your projects.

8- Avoid impulsive purchases: no more waste, no regrets.

Thinking about your purchases saves money and goes to the basics.

9- Prefer bio, local, proximity and seasonal fruits and vegetables. But also opt for producers like POP fresh who are eco-responsible and want to do more for the well being of our planet.

It is better for your health, your palate, and for the safeguarding of jobs often threatened by industries.

10- Limit your meat consumption.

It is advisable to eat 300g of meat per week for health or 3 times a week. Promote fish and other natural proteins (bananas, avocados, ginger, etc.) if possible.

Did you know? To produce a 150g ground beef, you need 2400 liters of water and emit CO2.

11- Pay attention to the composition of your products.

Would you eat something you do not know? Yet this is what we do every day with our food. Most of the things you do not know about in the composition list of your products are mostly harmful for your health and for the planet (because the industries that produce them pollute the environment to create these harmful additives). Avoid what begins with the letter E or other substances that you do not know if possible.

12- Raise awareness around you!

Your family, your friends, your city and even your stores talking about POPfresh as a solution to a consumption of fresh products more responsible and respectful of the planet and the human relations between producers and distributors!



Share with us your favorite eco-tips!



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By Camille Bouillon



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