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Increase your margins by 20% by avoiding as many intermediaries as possible. POP Fresh offers the best products on the market without having to look for them. Get Immediate access to the best products.


Pop Fresh is a responsible and fair ecosystem where you can choose: the producer of your choice, the logistics solution, advice in international trade etc ...


Pop Fresh is your solution that makes the link between these 3 advantages with BONUS: The traceability of products for your customers.

Time and Traceability

With direct purchase to producers and turnkey logistics solutions, save some valuable time and be reassured of traceability of products.

The Fresh Story


My name is José, Founder of POP Fresh. Realizing the length of supply chains for fresh products and the importance of benefiting our society, I embarked on this adventure to bring a new solution.

Today, POP fresh, The fresh marketplace, is the fruit of our desire and commitment to reduce this circuit and make this type of trade more equitable.

Come and live this beautiful adventure with us …


José C.

Jose L. Tello

(Figs and avocats farmer, Peru)


“POP fresh is an innovative, friendly and socially responsible initiative for small farmers who intend to grow and professionalize their agricultural business. As a small farmer, we have oftenly the prejudice that the opportunity to export is for big producers, nevertheless, with POP fresh we have the opportunity to tie relationships and doing business with retailers that will be able to be satisfied with our quality and volumes of  production. It’s a very useful tool, where we can always count with the support of POP fresh to meet our goals.Read more

Samuel Tapin

(Director Blanchemaille By Euratechnologies)


“Pop Fresh is perfectly in line with the current trend of empowering economic players. It is at the crossroads of sustainable development, fair trade and digital commerce.
For professionals in the distribution of fruits and vegetales, one of the advantages of using POP fresh is to be able to sourcing products out of the conventional supply circuits. However, they remain in a safe environment thanks to the work of POP fresh teams (Selection of producers, products traceability, transaction monitoring…).Read more

Alric Nicol

(CEO – Popsell)


“Pop Fresh is a relevant iniative at time when new relationships are developing between consumers and distributors, and therefore necessarily with professionals. Bring better relationships (re-humanize) between professionals and distributors, restore meaning and benevolence to respect the deadlines of our planet.
This will give producers a better relationship with distributors, more exchanges, understanding of the harvest process, and know how to do their job (conditions, weather, equipments, transports, etc…).Read more

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