Hi to all of you,


Hi to all of you,

For more than a year and a half, we have worked hard to achieve what we see today, POP fresh … The fresh marketplace: the first  online market for professionals in the fresh products, fruit, vegetables and other fresh products.

Throughout this journey, a number of events helped shape our determination; We have lived through captivating experiences that have shown us that the path is not easy, but what I call “small victories” have made us leave again, those moments that inflate us and make us look up towards the horizon , Which reminds us that our goal is within reach and that nothing will make us give up now

Today we thank God, the universe, nature and all those people we met on the road, because in one way or another have and still contributin tog this goal.

With these words we invite you to see our project and we hope you will like your experience on what will be your new market, as we like to build it for you.

We connect small and medium-sized producers of fruits, vegetables, other fresh products from Latin America and distributors in Europe, which enables us to ensure the traceability of products.

We carefully select producers and distributors responsible, who see in others a partner to grow.

We support these exchanges in order to create lasting relationships and a fairer trade.

We want to revive this desire to move forward together.

We take care of your serenity, allowing you to dedicate yourself to your business, we set up all the services necessary to carry out your transactions through our online market, secure payments, transport, technical control, customs, between other.

Thank you very much for your reading and with the pleasure of welcoming you soon.

José C.

The fresh Director.

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  1. Davidrob

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    1. Post<br/>Author
      Jose C.

      Hi David,
      First at all, I want to thank you for your comment, it is very clear.

      A balanced diet helps better than pills, but as you say, perhaps is about time.

      In deed, Fresh foods helps a lot to be healthy and probably keep us away from pills.

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