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Hello beautiful people,

Today I have the pleasure to tell you about our visit to the largest fruit and vegetable hall in the world. Yes, that’s right, this is the Fruit Logistica. This event was held in Berlin (Germany) last February. The location could not be better because it is a city with great avenues and beautiful streets, with many magnificent places to visit.

Anyhow, it is simply amazing. I have seen more than 3,000 exhibitors from all over the world, sharing the aisles with the 70,000, who, for the most part, were professionals in the fruit and vegetable sector. A great a place to create relationships.

Almost half of the exhibitors have signed new agreements during the show, 98% have confirmed positive results thanks to the show and the third part believe that the contacts acquired will give positive results in the long term.

Fruit Logistica is the best when it comes to fruits and vegetables, it is a place where people meet once a year, producers, exporters, importers and the different services of the distribution chain of the sector of fruits and vegetables, to exchange on all aspects of this sector by using technological innovations to make the new products that are being discovered around the world. When I say discover, I am referring to the traders of this sector who find a potential in these products for development in the market. I particularly believe that some of these products were already there and one way or another are currently being used by local communities, however they are still unnoticed in the international market.

We must also point out that these hybrid products are the result of crosses between different species, such as “Green Kalette and purple Kalette”, a cross between Belgian cabbage and English cabbage, which thanks to its nutritious richness can be considered as a superfood.

To understand the points of view of researchers who, supported by the results of their work, can sustain proposals such as those of Franziska Krauskopf, of Trend One, who in the Future LAB of Fruit logistics 2017 has suggested that “in 20 years, shops will still be there, but they will be more connected to online services than expected “, thanks to the daily integration of virtual reality and connected reality.

As mentioned above, we will find surprising discoveries and advances in the fruit and vegetable sector.



From the thousands of exhibitors from all over the world, I had the opportunity to visit the stand of Peru, what amazing people! It felt as if I had been in their lands, seeing all its wealth in fruits and vegetables, avocados, lemons, figs, among others.

It is simply extraordinary the amount of superfoods that Latin America can offer the world. this is just a small example as there is also Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay; Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil, and more.



And speaking of amazing people, I can not describe the immense joy of meeting this group of farmers from the Banana Zone of Magdalena – Colombia, whom I had the pleasure of introducing to representatives of the port of Dunkerque and the group Conoxa who warmly welcomed us. Dunkerque is the largest banana port in France. We were also accompanied by  specialised press.

From this meeting, we had the opportunity to approach CLAC (Latin American and Caribbean Fair Trade Coordinator), co-owner of Fair Trade Max label havelaar whom we had the chance to show what we can provide. They evaluate the opportunities that POP fresh can offer to small and medium producers in Latin America.

Once again POP fresh, a direct door to other type of relationships, where man is at the center of all interaction.



We accompany and celebrate with Fruit Logistica its 25 years.

Seeing how this fruit and vegetable hall has grown is a motivation to continue with this process, POP fresh … The fresh marketplace, is a stepping stone to international markets.

It is the place where distributors and producers can establish relationships that go beyond the simple need to make money, where Peter is Peter, Jeanne is Jeanne and not a percentage.

These relationships allow them to project themselves over the long term, to offer themselves more fruitful, more ecological and more profitable opportunities.

For producers and distributors, we will be there to help them and accompany them in their intentions to explore new markets, where direct relationships can be established, without intermediaries, without the need to spend significant sums of money in the search for customers, suppliers, transporters and others.

This is how I imagine POP fresh within next 25 years and more. You are welcome, let’s do it together.


To finish, this picture gives you a hint about our next hall.

Comme on, why not !




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