The fresh FAQ section

We answer to you

– What is POP fresh … The fresh marketplace?

POP fresh … The fresh marketplace is an online market of fresh produce, fruits, vegetables and seafood for professionals in the sector. This is online because it involves sales / purchases transactions between a producer and a buyer through our website.


– What is the role of POP fresh … The fresh marketplace?

POP fresh..The fresh marketplace is a trusted third party, we open international markets to small and medium producers and distributors. We facilitate the sales / purchases business transactions and ensure that these transactions come to a good term, thus restoring confidence in B to B relationships. Our platform is a dedicated space.


– What aims POP fresh … The fresh marketplace?

POP fresh makes international transactions easier and more profitable. Our wish is to become an ecosystem made up of producers, buyers and all the jerseys of the supply chain, and allow the direct relationship between all its members.

In this way, we seek to revalue human relationships, put man at the center of relationships, revalorize his work and his contribution within this ecosystem, recognize the importance of growing together and living with dignity thanks to our work.


– How do I sign up?

You fill out the registration form, validate our ethical charter, send all the documentation that identifies you as a professional in the fruit and vegetable sector. Our staff evaluates your information and if it fulfills our criteria of registration your subscription will be validated.


– Can I sell / buy if I am not registered?

No, POP fresh must evaluate and validate your information. Trust is indeed at the heart of our business, POP fresh carefully selects all its subscribers, to ensure the transparency of transactions.

– How it works ?

First of all, your registration must be validated.

Once validated you can advertise your offer / need in our online market.

In an advertisement, you must indicate your contact details and all the characteristics of your offer, among other things, the technical data of your products, your quantities and prices or clearly describe your need.

Your details will only be revealed if the possible seller / buyer is interested in the advertisement and wishes to contact you.

– Can I contact the producer / buyer?

Once you have loged in on the platform you can contact all members.

– Who pays for my products?

An order is triggered only at the time of online payment by the buyer, it means, that the producer will never receive an order if the payment was first cashed per system.

Once the payment is received, the producer will always receive an SMS and / or an email informing him of the new order. It will also receive a first transfer (50% of the total amount of the invoice *) on its account, essential to ensure a part of the cost of transport (packing, transport to the port or airport of embarkation among others).

Once the goods have been shipped and the responsibility has been transferred with our logistics partner, a second transfer is made to the producer’s account, 30% of the invoice. At the dispatch of the merchandise, the producer will have received 80% of the transaction price, the remaining 20% being guaranteed until the goods are validated by the buyer.

* Since international transactions take 48 hours on average to be visible on a bank account, our ads are sent as a guarantee of the current transaction.

– Where is my money going?

As part of the French regulations governing the collection of money by third parties, we do not deposit your money into POP Fresh’s bank account, the money goes directly into an escrow account to be distributed to producers and Services involved in the transaction.

– How are my purchases forwarded?

Our logistics partners are able to send you your purchases to the address you confirm, your goods will be sent to the delivery point indicated on the contract.

– Do I need to import?

One of the advantages of purchasing through POP fresh is that we provide you with all the services related to your purchase, from the main transport to the last kilometer, therefore, through our partners, you do not worry for Nothing to receive your goods at home, of course, if you choose this option.

– Who receives my purchases?

In order to guarantee a transaction and protect both producers and buyers, POP fresh makes a first technical inspection at its partner Dunfresh, once this reception, Dunfresh sends you a certificate according to the condition of the goods at the reception. Finally, it is you who validate the assumption of responsibility for the goods.

 – Who answers for my purchases?

The goods must be insured by the purchaser at the time of purchase (service included in our offer of related services), however, the technical control carried out by our partner serves precisely to safeguard the responsibilities of all actors involved in the transaction. If, however, there are any discrepancies in the merchandise, POP fresh is committed to identifying the causes of the anomalies and defining the responsibilities of the party (s).

POP fresh militates for transparency and enforcement of contracts and thus gain the confidence of its members.

– What happens if my goods do not arrive in good condition?

There is an insurance that meets for a part the value of the goods after identifying the causes the liabilities. However, one of our missions as a trusted third party is to seek an amicable solution between the actors involved in the transaction.