What is POP fresh…The fresh marketplace?

POP fresh… The fresh marketplace is an online market for fresh products (fruits and vegetables) for professionals in the sector. It is online because it is a purchase / sale transaction made between a producer and a buyer through our website.

What is the role of POP fresh …The fresh marketplace?

POP fresh… The fresh marketplace is a trusted guarantor, we open international markets to small and medium producers and distributors. We facilitate commercial buy / sell transactions and ensure that these transactions reach a successful conclusion, thereby restoring trust in B2B relationships. Our platform is a dedicated space.

What is the objective of POP fresh…The fresh marketplace?

POP fresh makes international transactions easier and more profitable. We desire to become an ecosystem made up of producers, buyers and all the links in the logistics chain, and allow direct relationships between all its members.

Therefore, we seek to improve human relationships, put people at the center of interactions, improve their work and their contribution within this ecosystem, recognize the importance of growing together and living with dignity from our work.

How do I register?

You complete the registration form, validate our ethical charter, send all the documentation that identifies you as a professional in the fruit and vegetable sector. Our team assesses your information and if it meets our registration criteria your subscription will be validated.

Can I buy or sell if I am not registered?

No. POP fresh must evaluate and validate your information in advance. Trust is at the heart of our activities, POP Fresh carefully selects all its subscribers to ensure transparency of transactions.

How does it work?

First of all, your registration must be validated. Once validated, you can advertise your offer/need in our online market. In an advertisement you must indicate your contact information and all the characteristics of your offer, among others, the technical data of your products, their quantities and prices or clearly describe your need. Your details will only be disclosed if the prospective seller/buyer is interested in the ad and wants to contact you.

Can I contact the producer / buyer?

Once you have identified yourself on the platform, you can contact all members.

Quien paga mis productos?

An order is activated only at the time of online payment by the buyer, this means that the producer will never receive an order if the system has not collected payment for the first time.

Once payment is received, the producer will systematically receive an SMS and/or an email informing him of the new order. You will also receive in your account a first transfer (50% of the total invoice amount *), essential to ensure part of the transportation costs (packaging, transportation to the port or airport of shipment, among others).

Once the products have been shipped and the responsibility has been transferred with our logistics partner, a second transfer is made to the producer’s account, that is, 30% of the invoice. Upon clearance of the goods, the producer will have received 80% of the transaction price, the remaining 20% ​​remains in guarantee until the goods are validated by the buyer.

Since it takes an average of 48 hours for international transactions to be visible in a bank account, our advertisements are sent as a guarantee of the ongoing operation.

Where does my money go?

Under the French regulation on the collection of money on behalf of third parties, we do not collect your money in the POP Fresh bank account, the sums go directly to an escrow account to be later distributed to producers and related services contracted for the transaction.

How are my purchases dispatched?

Our logistics partners can send your purchases to the address you confirm. Your products will be sent to the delivery point indicated in the contract.

Should I take care of the import?

One of the advantages of buying through POP fresh is that we provide all the services related to your purchase, from the main transport to the last kilometre. Therefore, through our partners, you do not take care of anything except, of course, receiving your products at home, of course, if you choose this option.

Who receives my purchases?

To receptions in Europe, to guarantee a transaction and protect producers, as well as buyers, POP Fresh does a first technical control at his partner, Dunfresh (cold stores), in the North of France. Then, Dunfresh sends you a certificate with the status of the products at the reception. Finally, it is you who validates the taking of possession of the goods.

Who is responsible for my purchases?

The goods must be insured by the buyer at the time of purchase (service included in our offer of related services), however, the technical control performed by our partner serves precisely to safeguard the responsibilities of all the actors involved in the transaction. However, if there are any anomalies in the products, POP fresh undertakes to identify the causes of the anomalies and define the responsibilities of the party or parties.

POP fresh militates for transparency and the application of contracts and thus win the trust of its members.

What happens if my products do not arrive in good condition?

There is insurance that covers part of the damage. However, one of our missions as a trusted third party is to seek a friendly solution among the actors involved in the transaction.