Fair trade explained.


Fair trade explained.

Briefly, we explain fair trade.  


Fair Trade  is a term that we hear more and more but the definition is not always very clear. So today, we decided togive you a deeper insight of what it is. Fair Trade aims to make conventional trade, yes,  fairer. Fair Trade wants to bring a more ethical, social and environmental dimension to a conventional trade that does not make everyone happy. Indeed, nowadays, producers are often seen only for what they produce and not for what they are as a person. And the objective of fair trade is to upset its conventions by valuing the producer, his values, while really caring for him.



Fair Trade is based on 10 main principles that are inseparable:

1- Create opportunities in the market for producers who are economically disadvantaged or marginalized by conventional trade.


2- To have a transparent and responsible management in its commercial relations.


3- Promote individual abilities by focusing on autonomy, capacity enhancement and continuity.


4- Promote fair trade and provide information.


5- Buy and sell at a fair price for all parties.


6- Gender equality by valuing the work of women as well as men.


7- Respect healthy and safe working conditions for workers.


8- Regulation of child labor.


9- Taking into account and respecting the environment in all its aspects.


10- Trade relations based on respect, trust and sustainability.


To promote fairtrade is one of the most important missions of POP fresh…


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By Camille Bouillon


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