Colombia : Banana crops !


Colombia : Banana crops !


Hello everyone,


When we speak about bananas we think about the exotic fruit that comes from a warm and sunny weather and the fact is that almost every banana that grows in this world comes from that type of climate but still there are a few exceptions.

This time we had the opportunity to travel to Colombia, again, with the main purpose of finding the best banana producers in this beautiful country. The banana producers found in us, POP fresh…The fresh marketplace, an opportunity to open the door to new international markets.



They know and are clear that our proposal and the support we provide them in the direct relationship with European clients, guarantees the success of new relationships, not only commercially but mostly  based on man as the center of them. “


Remember that POP fresh is a catalyst for long-term relationships.


In this opportunity we went to carry out a process of catalyzing, connecting small producers with French distributors, and from this process, we feel pleased to share with you that the beginning of these relationships promise a longevity among its actors, guaranteeing transparency, Confiance and progress between both.

We had the opportunity, our team in Colombia and I, to attend the whole process of banana crops, know their value chain, but above all, the love and commitment with which the producers work to bring this delicious fruit to our tables in Europe and in the world.


The export process of our small producers has not been easy, but as we have promised, we were at their side to accompany them in this process, providing them with the technical and professional tools to carry out this operation, they were never alone, we did it together and today we have delivered that first container that promises, and we have the certainty, it is the first brick for the construction of this new durable relationship.


From sowing to loading on the ship, to dispatch 21.5 tons of bananas, premium quality.

While we are writing this article about the arrival and delivery, we have another good news to share, the Colombian Ministry of Commerce, through Procolombia, entity in charge of the promotion of Colombian exports, has invited us to the Macrorueda 70 that had From March 20 to 22 in Colferias, Bogotá, they invited us, because they have seen the opportunity that their agricultural producers have to access international markets through our proposal of transparency and trust.


During this stay, we visited aquaculture productions of red and black tilapia, we met with producers of avocado, mango, pitahaya, cape gooseberry, mangosteen, pineapple, passion fruit, passion fruit, guanabana, aloe vera, lobsters, among others. It was a very dynamic visit, with a tight schedule but with the desire to bring new opportunities to these producers, who every day have more confidence in us.



Thank you very much for having read us and accompany us in this adventure.     

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