Cheese and fruit popsicles !


Cheese and fruit popsicles !

Hey fresh friends,


Today we present a fairly simple recipe but still delicious! Taking advantage of the fact that there are still hot days ahead, these ice cream cream popsicles will surprise and refresh more than one.

Great for a family barbecue or a children’s party, these palettes have the fun twist of using cream cheese instead of water! This recipe was originally inspired by ‘‘Philadelphia cream cheese”




190 g of Philadelphia® Cream Cheese or your favorite brand
1 tza milk
½ tza sugar
3 cups. of fresh fruit such as strawberry, blackberry, blueberry, kiwi or your favorite.




LICUATE Cream Cheese, milk and sugar.

PLACE the mixture in palette molds, sink the fruit into the mixture and bury a stick in each one.

FREEZE and serve.


This recipe is easy, but do not be fooled, you do not always have to spend hours in the kitchen to surprise the people we love. Enjoy!

— Stay Fresh with POP fresh —

By Yulia Arellano

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