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From the interaction of man with the domestication of plants is born contemporary agriculture, which is art and science at the same time; Art for its majestic expression of nutritive creation and science for the application of techniques to convert primary elements, soil, water, plant, and sun, into life and food. When art is in nature From this fruitful union,…


Colombia : Banana crops !

Hello everyone, When we speak about bananas we think about the exotic fruit that comes from a warm and sunny weather and the fact is that almost every banana that grows in this world comes from that type of climate but still there are a few exceptions. This time we had the opportunity to travel to Colombia, again,…


Hi to all of you,

For more than a year and a half, we have worked hard to achieve what we see today, POP fresh … The fresh marketplace: the first  online market for professionals in the fresh products, fruit, vegetables and other fresh products. Throughout this journey, a number of events helped shape our determination; We have lived through captivating experiences that have shown…