12 Tips to be more ecological every day!

12 Tips on how to be more ecological every day! Hello fresh friends, There is a constant increase in pollution in most countries of the world, a shortage of certain resources due to their overexploitation and the emergence of health risks. Sustainable development is becoming a necessity today to save our planet. The decline in biodiversity is often…


Mexican guacamole recipe.

Is there any better food in the world than a good fresh guacamole? Because if that exists … I need to know it already! As a Mexican, guacamole has always been one of my favorite foods and I love how these seemingly simple ingredients come together and create something incredibly delicious, refreshing and healthy. The recipe of the…


A new partnership!

Hello fresh readers, We are glad to share you our experience in fruits and vegetable imports. Recently, we have been aside in exchanges between a fresh fruit and vegetable distributor from France, its reputation knew in France and Europe, placed in Rungis, Paris, France and a small banana farmer from Colombie, located in “Zona Bananera del Magdalena” to…


Sustainable development

In short, we explain sustainable development!   Hello fresh friends! At the heart of the concerns and stakes of POP fresh, sustainable development is becoming more democratic. But what is sustainable development? And what are it’s goals? The right to development must be realized in a way that equitably meets the developmental and environmental needs of present…


Blueberry Cheesecake, Mexican recipe.

Blueberry Cheesecake, without sugar and without gluten. Hello fresh friends! The delicious blueberry grows in several parts of Latin America and the world, but today we will talk specifically about the Mexican blueberry as it is considered one of the best on the market in the whole world. Currently, these Latin American superfruits are gaining popularity thanks to their…


Peruvian recipe; Timbal of quinoa, mango and avocado!

This recipe made with quinoa, mango and avocado is very simple, elegant and fresh. Perfect for this summer! The avocado is a fleshy exotic fruit that is obtained from the tropical tree of the same name. In some parts of South America, it is known as Avocado, Palta or American Persea. The avocado is a fruit, but most of the…


The impact of the food appearance in consumption

The appearance is one of the main causes of food wasting. Why does a fruit that has the same taste and health benefits than other is rejected by the consumers based only on its look? We live in a society where the appearance is extremely important in all the domains. The slightest default on an apple can give the impression that the…


Colombia : Banana crops !

Hello everyone, When we speak about bananas we think about the exotic fruit that comes from a warm and sunny weather and the fact is that almost every banana that grows in this world comes from that type of climate but still there are a few exceptions. This time we had the opportunity to travel to Colombia, again,…


The Macrorrueda of Procolombia; A summit business meeting for Colombia

The 70th edition of the Macrorrueda of ProColombia reached peaks with the meeting of 60 countries in Bogota to participate in this annual event. What is the Macrorrueda of Procolombia? Procolombia connects and accompanies Colombian exporters and global buyers with one goal in mind: facilitating international trade. Transparency and traceability are the key words of this global event….