Avocado of a thousand loves

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Avocado of a thousand loves

Avocado of a thousand loves, the breath of the sick, your leaves seasoning, and your seeds healing is.

A gift from the gods mixed with lemon, an offering from the American to the Spanish, to eat in slices like melon, because so good, soft and buttery is its pulp that does not require any seasoning.

Millenary Mutualism

Persea Americana (Mill). This is the scientific name assigned to the commonly known avocado, palta, or avocado tree.

Its name Persea is due to the semi-god Perseus from Greek and American mythology to indicate its origin.

It was described by Philip Miller, horticulturist and head gardener of the Chelsea Botanical Garden, who made know its characteristics to the scientific world in 1768 in The Gardeners Dictionary: eighth edition.

However, its origins do accumulate figures, as this delightful fruit would have originated 50 million years ago in the area currently occupied by the Sierra Nevada in California, evidence of leaf fossils proves it.

Nature doing its thing

Their migration to the south would be thanks to the co-evolution with the disappeared Proboscidea, an animal who had as representative the genus Gomphotherium, with presence in the states of Queretaro, Jalis, Chiapas, and Oaxaca, where they were abundant.

These animals were about 2.5 meters high and weighed up to 6 tons, with barrel-shaped bodies, supported by short and thick legs that could consume the fruits of avocados with their seeds without any inconvenience, managing to spread it very easily to remote places.

However, due to ecological imbalances resulting from an abrupt glaciation and volcanism, the populations of these large animals became unsustainable.

In this way, the avocado was left without friends to carry its large seeds in their stomachs to spread far from mother trees. That’s why the term introduced by Daniel Janzen and Paul Martin in the ’80s, gave the American Persea the expression Evolutionary Anachronism, to point out an apparent inconsistency in its evolution, since, not counting its seeds with easy dispersion strategies; due to its great size, it becomes an obstacle to be carried by the wind, rain or by small animal stomachs.

They limit themselves to germinating only in the places where the ripe fruit falls and they become the competition of the same species because they require the same nutrients for their development, which translates into a disadvantage. After all, at all times beings seek to guarantee perpetuity.

It has done everything to provoke us

Despite this, the avocado was able to overcome the difficulties of adversity and developed strategies for its survival, dressed in olive green, adding a strong aniseed smell to its leaves, and multiplying its exquisite taste.

Thus, when the first human groups of pickers-hunters arrived in Meso-America (18,000 to 10,000 B.C.) and collected fruits from the native forests, they began to care for and protect the best avocado trees, for later harvesting, by rotating the areas.

Thanks to mutualism

Following this beneficial exchange known as mutualism, the relationship between the human population and this plant developed. These date back more than 9000 years, as shown by the first evidence found in the cave of Coxcatlán (Valley of Tehuacán- Mexico).

It is probable that without an identifiable objective, the avocado was one of the first domestications of perennial fruit plants to be made

It is probable that without an identifiable objective, the avocado was one of the first domestications of perennial fruit plants to be made, since as the climate varied in the areas, it became necessary to select the best fruits, giving rise to a more intentional interaction between climate and plant and man.

The gift of the gods, POP fresh the Hermes

Such would be the faithful dedication of the Central Americans that the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl himself would admire them and in recognition, the magical formula of the guacamole, he would give them, which carries much nutritional green gold, tomato, and hot chili.

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