A new partnership!


A new partnership!

Hello fresh readers,


We are glad to share you our experience in fruits and vegetable imports.


Recently, we have been aside in exchanges between a fresh fruit and vegetable distributor from France, its reputation knew in France and Europe, placed in Rungis, Paris, France and a small banana farmer from Colombie, located in “Zona Bananera del Magdalena” to be more precise.


We naturally have assisted our two partners from A to Z. From the information on the market context, with the objective to identify and build the right arguments to create a sustainable relationship, putting the accent on our value of “Growing Together”. Up to delivering the banana container in Dunfresh, our partner of manutention and quality control, located in Dunkerque, France.


POP fresh…The fresh marketplace has been aside from the farmer in upstream, to grant a fruit respecting the requires from the technical sheet of the buyer, this allowed us to understand better the value chain of this exotic fruit. To be honest, despite the fact of the regularity of import/export transaction of bananas, the process is always involved. Thereby, rigours might be present, considering that at any moment or any place of the value chain, the slightest negligence could apport significant damages to the fruit, this is something that our team manages this quite right.


We have synchronised all the steps to manage better the distribution chain to deliver in time and place our distributor partner.


Our solution takes in charge all the process, including customs diligence. It allows them to do their best, produce and distribute, and for us, to facilitate the life of producers and distributors.


Well that all our efforts and our engagement to succeed this new relationship have been fructifying. We know very well that we have to keep working hard and getting better because performing in continue is one of the strings of our bow to satisfy and to get more comfortable the transactions on international business of fruits, vegetable and seafood.


A big thanks to our partners, for trust in our job and for believing that POP fresh is an innovative, sure and sustainable proposition.


We are here to help you identify and build sustainable relationships, find your strategic partner, small and middle producers and distributors of fruit, vegetable and seafood; they are here, in a few clicks…


See you in a new partnership!


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