5 years, that’s time to celebrate!


5 years, that’s time to celebrate!

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I have had the opportunity to be in the direction of another SME, at another time and in another market. In that experience, I discovered the pleasure of challenges, and even more my passion for international exchanges.

Throughout these 5 years at the head of this fruitful adventure, I have had the opportunity to experience moments of great emotion, from gaining the confidence of our first producer to that of our first buyer.

On my arrival in France, in 2011, November 22nd to be precise. I saw in this country a land of opportunities and I said to myself, I have to do everything necessary to integrate myself into this culture. And without a doubt, I began to work without disdain to achieve this. As I did not yet speak the language of love, I had to work on tasks that were up to my level of French, “Bonjour, Rrrepetéz-svp et Aurrrrevoir”.

I had the opportunity to start, like any immigrant, as an animal care worker in an educational farm, dedicated to the épanouissement of people with health difficulties. From there I took a CAP Maçon at Compagnons de Devoir and after a year and a half, I was joining the ranks of the International Purchasing Centre of the Auchan Group, at DOAPI, as part of my M1 and M2 studies in Purchasing and International Business. Thank you very much Auchan for that opportunity and thank you very much @Patrick Grégoire for helping me to open those doors.

From there, without thinking twice, I launched into the most beautiful adventure of my life, after that of being a father. POP fresh…The fresh marketplace, today POP fresh…Art is tasty. My second baby, who has given me more headaches than my first. But who has also given me the opportunity to dream of better things. To meet extraordinary people, professionals from the exciting world of fruit and vegetables, producers, buyers, logisticians, consultants, customs officers, from the digital world, developers, IT, SEO, UX in brief Today we are celebrating 5 years of a path, which from the beginning was difficult but appealing, 5 years of creating relationships, establishing cooperation, building long-term alliances, communicating in different languages, having empathy and putting myself in the place of my interlocutors to understand their needs. 5 years of sacrifices, of victories, of learning, of uncertainty, of faith, of belief. 5 years connecting producers in South America, Central America, Europe, Asia. 5 years of short nights, of compulsive dawns, 5 years of being “The fresh Director!

Many thanks to all those who have believed in this project, especially my family Pablo and Mélou for their unconditional support, who have lived it every second with me and without them none of this would have been possible, to those who have come to contribute with their wisdom to our development Jean-Ga and Elisabeth, Luc Daniel, Hervé, Danièle, Jaime, Margarita. Thanks also to Camille, Colline, Yulia, Daniel, Imane, ZoOm Créatif, Alric, our producers of avocados, bananas, oranges, figs, lemons, pineapples, our buyers, our co-creators and friends, Lee, Benjamin, Agathe, Julien, Ophé, Amélie, Blanchemaille, Euratechnologies, the list of thanks is long. Finally, thank you very much for these 5 years of growth, not only as a project but also as a person, a father, a husband, a partner. 5 years and we are still going ahead, with new producers, new origins, new destinations, new importers.

Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙏

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